Expand Your Frame

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John Sigmon

26 September 2023

49m 49s

The Embodied Leader



In this episode, I chat with Courtney Amo, the founder of Mahaa, an independent yoga retreat, lifestyle coaching, and consulting practice that emphasizes inclusive and barrier-free access to well-being. Courtney brings over two decades of yoga teaching, public sector leadership, and facilitation expertise to her work.

We discuss her journey and her recent co-authored book, "The Mind, Body Way: The Embodied Leader's Path to Resilience, Connection, and Purpose." Our conversation delves into the concept of embodied leadership, the mind-body connection, and how it can empower leaders to navigate complex challenges and foster collaboration. 

You can find more information about The Mind-Body Way and it’s co-authors Courtney Amo, Dr. Julie Beaulac and Casey Berglund, at www.mindbodywaybook.com